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My story began in the early 90's in Costa Rica where I was born & raised. One of my earliest memories is knowing that I wanted to be a hairstylist, I was fascinated by salons, begged my mother to take me to her hair appointments and played with all of my doll's hair.

Yes, I am THAT hairstylist!

After moving to Florida at the age of 14, I quickly pursued my lifelong dream and began a job as a salon assistant at 17 years old. That's where the magic began!

I knew I had found my place in life as a stylist because I was able to express my creativity while helping others find the beauty in their own hair & lives, something that still gives me butterflies in my stomach till this day. Connecting with my clients and helping them is by far the best part of my job.

I have found my biggest passion in the art of balayage, which is now my specialty.

I have always had a deep desire to grow and improve as a stylist and as a individual.

In 2017 I started to elevate my craft by attending classes & workshops, before you could even say "BAH-LAY-AHGE" I was already hooked and on my way to mastering it.

Today, as a balayage educator & artist, I have found the secret formula for gorgeous, healthy, low-maintenance and versatile hair. My main goal for is for my clients to have hair they can be proud of as they leave my chair AND weeks later when they come back!

I believe that being truly committed to what you love despite the circumstances is a big part of success, when you visit me at our salon as a guest you will find one big pointer of that, my wheelchair.

In April of 2019 I was in a freak accident in which I fell off a second story, landing on my back and injuring my spinal cord. Losing my ability to walk was life changing in every way, but one thing remained true, my love and dedication for hair and my clients.

You can be sure that your experience with me will not only include great hair but also high spirits and maybe even a little bit of "feel-good" inspiration as I always strive to be positive and spread that to everyone around me.

Are you ready for hair that is specifically catered to your particular needs and lifestyle?

Hair color that has a seamless growout & looks incredible for months? 

I'm here to make your hair dreams come true whether you're a blonde looking for gorgeous brightness, a brunette seeking dimension or need if you're ready to turn your grays into a blended work of art, I am here to make that happen.

I cant't wait to meet you!

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