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Welcome to your new salon home!

We are so happy that you have found us, & cannot wait to meet you.
So, what are you waiting for?
Lets' get started!!!
Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy & we get that, so we take away all of the usual stress and confusion by creating -5 easy to pick options- that will make it easier for you to book your first visit.
Your first visit with us will be very in depth and will require more time and attention, making our initial time & financial investment larger. After your first appointment, your stylist will create a custom maintenance schedule for you to upkeep your look. See our "Existent Guest" menu.
Please select the option that most fits your needs, if you're unsure
pick a consultation or email us here
*All New Guests MUST select one of the options below for their first visit*


Are you in need of a major color overhaul or some corrective work? Considering a smoothing treatment, or vivid colors?

Or maybe you're just more comfortable meeting in person before we move forward with your service.

A consultation may be best for you. 

(15 minutes) Complimentary


Searching for a total makeover? Looking to add a substantial amount of blonde?

Wanting to have a very dimensional balayage? 

Cool & icey tones?

 Looking to get both highlighting & low lighting, getting rid of excessive warmth/brassiness, need to blend splotchy/chunky highlights, or haven't had your hair colored in 5 months or longer?

This option is for you!

Includes blowdry, style & top of the line conditioning treatment "The Reconstructor"

(4+ hour service)

Starting at $350


Looking for highlights, balayage, all over blonde, or to just generally go lighter? 

Are you a brunette or redhead looking to add subtle dimension?

Select this option!

Includes blowdry and style & conditioning treatment

"The Refresher"

(3 hours + 30 minutes)

Starting at $295



Looking to only cover gray, darken, or just change the tone of your color? This service would normally be for brunettes, redheads or darker colors.


Get rid of that stubborn gray & bring your hair back to life.

Includes blowdry & style.

(2 hour service)

Starting at $175



Are you looking to book just a haircut? 

Or looking to add a haircut to a color service?

Shampoo, scalp massage, and styling are part of the experience.


If you're considering possible future color services, we can also use this time to consult for future services. Includes blowdry & style.

(1 hour + 15 minutes)

 Starting at $80


Here is what to expect...


The Beginning

The experience starts by booking one of our five time blocks above.

We will receive your appointment request and you'll receive a confirmation message that we've approved your appointment. When you book online you will be prompted to fill out a form which will give us both more details to ensure that your first visit is seamless.


Arriving at the Salon

Arrive early so you have plenty of time to enjoy our cozy seating area and settle into your new salon home.  We promise to value your time by staying on schedule, and you'll always be greeted with a warm smile. Enjoy a magazine or ask any of the friendly stylists for the Wifi password or a refreshment to help yourself relax.

The Consultation

Our first priority after we meet is making sure we understand everything there is to know about your hair. From your hair dreams to hair nightmares, your entire color history, your daily hair routine, and your current hair struggles. We'll look at inspiration photos and talk about your priorities.

Once we have a clear understanding of your desires, your stylist will develop a unique plan tailored to your specific needs. We'll go over the game plan in full detail, create a maintenance schedule, and answer every question you have to make sure you're fully confident and ready before moving forward.

Creating the magic

After the consultation, your stylist will get to work on the goal! Every single step of the way we use top of the line hair color and products to ensure the healthiest, longest lasting results possible. We will work efficiently to respect your time, but we will never sacrifice the quality of my work by rushing on your hair. Throughout the service we will chat more in depth about how to maintain the longevity of your color, the health of your hair, and how to style at home.


Bring a book, TV show, or work laptop with you to keep busy. Your stylist will always make sure you're comfortable with a warm cup of coffee or cold glass of wine in hand. It's our belief that your time in our salon is YOURS to spend how you please, so you never have to worry about how to spend your time during your appointment.

There are no judgments in this space!

Helping better your experience

- Apple phone chargers and Wifi

- Lots of refreshments including: LaCroix flavored sparkling water, Keurig coffee, tea, and popular soda pops.

- A light and airy salon atmosphere with relaxing greenery and candles

- High quality hair color (Joico) and care products (Joico, DesignMe & Sunlights Balayage)


Ready for your experiewce?

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